Top Facialist Julia March’s Fave Beauty Picks






one love organics
Vitamin c moisture serum
This serum is packed full of anti-oxidants and collagen stimulating ingredients! I am obsessed with Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip oils and in comb- ination with green tea oil they form a powerful trio that fight free radicals, lower inflammation of the skin, and reduce pigmentation.



fine herbal cleanser

This has both astringent and antiseptic properties thanks to witch hazel and essential oils of lavender and geranium, but it does not strip the skin’s protective lipid barrier. This gentle yet effective cleanser smells heavenly, while uplifting and detoxifying the skin.





Goldfaden md.
sun visor

Light and non-greasy, this mist is super easy to apply. A perfect combination of a physical block and sunscreen ingredients protect you from both UVA and UVB damage. Protective, convenient and fast absorbing, you can take this with you wherever you go!






one love organics
love springs eternal preservation serum

An absolute winner, this amazing serum is a perfect marriage of watermelon seed oil and my favorite essential oils: neroli, frankincense, and rose.






About Julia March :
Pure, Natural, Glowing, Radiant. Absolute healing from the inside out. Julia’s philosophy relies on a simple principle: beauty is a process of de-stressing and rejuvenation that affects the whole being. NYC facialist Julia March’s hands are like magic! Using a combination of powerful healing techniques mixed with a little bit of technology, there is a reason she is one of the top facialists in New York City.

Top 5 Picks from Ashlee Piper of The Lil’ Foxes

the-lil-foxes-top-5-picks-vickerey Hurry, for a limited time, win our exclusive giveaway & find a fab Vickerey coupon on Ashlee’s blog, The Little Foxes »




prairie underground
sateen day dress

Eco-friendly, Made in the USA, and perfect all-year round, this is the kind of investment piece you’ll have (and wear, and love!) for years. Plus the sateen makes it ultra-easy to care for and the silhouette is universally flattering.



olsen haus
explore wedge sandal

Olive green is the new versatile neutral and I’ll be living in these vegan sandals this summer. Spare enough to wear with any outfit, but unique enough that people will take notice.





fidelity jeans
axl adanac relaxed skinny jean

The most flattering boyfriend jean ever, this is perfect for the lazy days of summer. And this super-soft denim is Made in the USA.






lippy girl
vegocentric vegan lipsticks

I’m a forever-red lady, and this brick red is perfect for summer. Zero carmine, lanolin, or other nasties, and is so creamy and gorgeous.






coco rose body polish

Exfoliation is one of my favorite activities ever (weird? Perhaps. Awesome? yes.) and this all-vegan company makes the most luxe, heavenly-scented scrub ever. Perfect for prepping your skin for summer’s plunging necklines and bare legs.




About Ashlee :
Ashlee Piper is a political strategist turned vegan and eco-lifestyle expert, writer, and personality whose work has been featured in Refinery29, Reader’s Digest, Mirror Mirror, Vegetarian Times, AOL’s Kitchen Daily, and FOX News. You can follow her award-winning blog, The Little Foxes, watch as she solves beauty dilemmas for Refinery29, and check her eco-friendly fashion coverage on Ecouterre. She holds a BA from Brown University and a MA from the University of Oxford, UK.

Six Ways Gratitude is Useful with Dani DiPirro of PositivelyPresent

6-ways-gratitude-is-useful-positively-present-vickereyGratitude. That’s a word a word you’re probably quite familiar with, but did you know that gratitude is more than just a nice thing to express? It’s actually has quite a few uses. Here are some of the ways you can use gratitude:

Use gratitude to combat a bad mood. Whenever you’re feeling upset or angry or frustrated or down, think about the things you’re grateful for and you’ll feel more positive about your life. No matter how deep the funk you’re in, focusing your attention on thankfulness is a great way to counteract a bad mood.

Use gratitude to live in the moment. When you’re struggling to live in the moment (and who isn’t sometimes!), use grateful thoughts to bring yourself back to the present. It’s easy to get caught up thinking about the past or worrying about the future, but when you take note of all the things you have to be grateful for, it’s easier to stay present.

Use gratitude to enhance relationships. Nothing makes a relationship better than when you are truly grateful for the other person. All relationships have ups and downs, but if you act and speak with gratitude in mind, you’ll be more appreciative of others and strengthen your relationships with them.


Use gratitude to motivate yourself. You might face moments when you find it extremely hard to stay motivated. Those tough spots are great times to gravitate toward gratitude. Once you start thinking about all of the things you’re thankful for—including your own abilities—you’ll find yourself feeling more inspired.

Use gratitude to overcome hurdles. No matter what you’re facing, when you focus on what you’re grateful for, difficulties have a way of becoming more manageable. Gratitude isn’t a cure-all, but it truly does help to put problems in perspective.

Use gratitude to improve your health. Being grateful can actually improve your physical health. Thankful thoughts can offset stress by making you feel more positive and more present. And the less stressed you are, the healthier you’ll be.



Dani DiPirro is an author, blogger, and designer living in a suburb of Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website with the intention of sharing her insights about living a positive and present life. Dani is the author of Stay PositiveThe Positively Present Guide to Life, and a variety of e-books. She is also the founder of Twenty3, a design studio focused on promoting positive, modern graphic design and illustration.